Treatment Team Meetings

Greenleaf takes a team approach to all of our work. Our team of clinicians and support staff meet weekly to ensure all clients are getting exactly the care they need. Our team is made up of diverse individuals with lived experience. Each team member is trained in trauma informed care and Safe Zone certified.

For IOP participants
The therapist will have the first treatment team meeting with the psychiatrist and care coordinator. They’ll fill out the second part of your treatment plan:
– Goals (could be from 1-3 goals)

– Objectives (steps to achieve the goal)

– Interventions (what the therapist needs to do)

They will have bi-weekly treatment team meetings to monitor your progress, assess needs, and change goals if needed. This will continue until goals are met and you are discharged from the program. Reach out to the team at Grenleaf and find out more about how we can put an actionable plan in place to help you reach your goals.

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