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Let’s face it, we all have stuff.  It is what we do with the stuff in our lives that makes us healthy or unhealthy.  Knowing when to seek help outside yourself is key to a living a healthy life.  By seeking support for yourself or your child, you are taking responsibility and action to change your and/or your family’s behavioral health and address what no longer works in your life.   Achieving the perfect balance between the health of mind, body, and spirit involves making use of several techniques and practices. Wellness is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach. Family wellness can be impacted by even one person who is struggling.  The whole person experts at Greenleaf offer a balanced approach and will help design and guide you through your personal journey.  We offer services to including:

Family Therapy

Multi-family Family Therapy

Parent Coaching

Intensive Outpatient Programming

Kathryn Schormann NCC, LPC, LCPC - CEO/Owner

My passion is to help people realize what is possible, what they are capable of, and finding their best self.  I have invested in the mission to bring wellness to the St. Louis community in a forum that allows for growth where you are, when you are ready for it. I am committed to ensuring that the professionals at Monarch-therapies are meeting those needs. 

As a therapist, I specialize in transitions – in health, life, love and work/school and the emotions that come with it.   I have experience with all ages, and I enjoy helping people navigate the stress in everyday life.  

My experience has allowed me to find balance in serving clients in several areas including:  ADHD, anxiety and depression (especially co-occurring with ADHD), understanding the impact of trauma and managing emotional regulation, as well as working with couples.  

In person and telehealth appointments available days, evenings and weekend hours.

Hope Missey-Wodarczyk, PLPC

Not all injuries are visible, and I am committed to working in partnership with individuals who are seeking to resolve and bring change and new meaning or purpose to their life. Through the use of evidence-based techniques, professionalism, warmth, unconditional acceptance, greater self-awareness, and empathy for self and others while building on existing strengths and developing new strategies to manage challenges.                                 Prefer to work with individuals aged 14 years and older, who are experiencing low mood, feelings of anxiety and excessive worry, conflicts in relationships with meaningful others, grief and loss, childhood and complex trauma, development and life transitions, and those exploring gender or sexual identity. 

Zhanna Bershteyn MSW, LCSW

During our therapy sessions, I will use my knowledge and experiences to help you bring awareness to your new sense of self and reality. By doing this, we will be setting goals for us to work towards meeting. Our goals will be met by changing behavior and behavioral patterns, establishing and maintaining relationships, enhancing your ability to cope with copious amounts of skills, facilitating decision-making for your everyday life, and many other things. I would like to take you on the path of healing by learning together how to problem solve independently, so that you can live your life with peace and harmony,

Alexis Ehrlich, PLPC

My passion is helping children, adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. I work with clients struggling with the transition of going to a new school, making friends, balancing a job with school, or toxic home environments. Dealing with the transition of COVID-19 and shifting to virtual school/work can be incredibly challenging and difficult to navigate. I will help aid and support clients through their journey of growth and work together to establish coping mechanism.  I recently just completed my master’s program for Clinical Mental Health at Missouri Baptist University, and graduated May of 2022.  I am also in the process of completing my supervision for Play Therapy Certification. I use a combination of positive psychology, CBT, and reality therapy to help assist clients feel like their best self.

Kyle Harris, PLPC

I am passionate about helping those struggling with the effects of trauma in their everyday life. I work with clients, ages 14+, to help develop emotional intelligence, anger management skills, effective communication skills, and healthy life habits. Through a combination of lived experience and education, I provide individuals and groups with services that meet them where they are. I pride myself on using a person-centered and strength-based approach, which promotes a non-judgemental and empathetic space for you to grow. I am a Counselor in training and have recently graduated with my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from McKendree University in May of 2022. During my time at McKendree I had the opportunity to play collegiate football. As a former collegiate athlete, I have personally struggled with performance anxiety, athletic trauma, and internal pressure. Through these experiences and many others, Greenleaf has allowed me the opportunity to work with young athletes who may be struggling with their own mental health. Healthy Living for Youth Athletes is a group that will be used to bring individuals together that share the same problems.

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